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  1. i am currently using a Head Youtek Speed Lite, but am thinking of changing. I've used this racquet for nearly two years (I'm 17 years old) and feel like i need something heavier and more solid. I have researched for weeks and basically narrowed it down to two choices:

    Head Youtek Radical MP

    Pros: 312g, heavier than Speed Lite but not too much of a jump, very control based, feels a lot like Speed Lite

    Cons: Lack of power, may not be much difference in play compared to Speed Lite

    Babolat AeroPro Drive GT (rafa's racquet)

    Pros: good mix of power and control, more power than Radical MP, probably more stable than MP as well

    Cons: 320g may be too much of a step up from Speed Lite, racquet may be too advanced for my abilities

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. If it helps at all, i play a mostly attacking baseline game, hit hard and flat a lot of the time, and only come to net when i'm sure i've got a floater (not the greatest volleyer)
  2. dozu

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    Feb 19, 2004
    for hitting flat balls, the prestiges maybe better than the radicals, due to prestiges have higher flex rating (stiffer frame, flatter, harder ball).

    8 grams jump is nothing.

    I would even suggest you go straight to the heaviest racket you can swing for 2 hours without tiring.
  3. Dave M

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    Mar 23, 2007
    Why not take your racquet to a tech amd get them to add some weight and balance to be a bit more radical ish and change the strings so you can have an extended test to see what the changes do for you.
  4. sunof tennis

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    Dec 21, 2010
    I would chose the Radical over the Babolot. The Radical has more flex and therefore less likely to cause arm problems. The Radical is also a great racquet to customize with additional weight as your game improves.

  5. I would, but the problem is my racquet is extremely worn, chipped and rattles profusely when you hit the ball off the frame. Therefore, I think buying a new racquet is a better idea than spending money on adjustments to a racquet I doubt has much more left in it anyway.
    Thanks for advice though, Sorry i shouldve made racquet condition clear in first post
  6. TheOneHander

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    Jan 9, 2010
    The APDGT would be an easier transition. If you fear it may not be for your level, you probably don't need to be looking at Radicals or Prestiges-they're very low powered. The APDGT (yes, we know Nadal uses a paintjob of it) is more user friendly and is a racquet you can grow with. This might also be the time to get two or even three racquets to prolong their life as well.

    Enjoy hitting!
  7. Thanks for advice, haven't made a decision yet but leaning towards the APDGT
  8. TheOneHander

    TheOneHander Professional

    Jan 9, 2010
    Of course! I believe you'll enjoy it in the long run. It's customizable, easy to grow with, and it's a fun stick to play with. The power and spin are out of this world, and it's very easy to get along with.
  9. thanks, 275g to 320g isn't too much of a jump in weight though is it?

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