Racquet comparison - Six One vs. Pro Staff 97


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I'm hoping someone can help me out with racquet specs since I am looking for a new racquet. I played a lot in my youth and am now picking up the game again. I am a level 4.0+ player on the NTRP. I am looking to buy a new racquet and have been looking at the PS 97 v13 and Clash 100. I am coming from an older version of the Wilson six one Team (bought it around 2005).

I am not very good with the technicalities but comparing the specs of the PS 97 with my six one I get the feeling that the PS 97 should give me slightly more control (higher weight, lower balance point, larger head size) and be more gentle on my arm (weight and lower stiffness). Or can someone please help me out? See the specs for both racquets below.

6 1 Team:
289g Unstrung weight
33cm balance
6.0 SI stiffness
95 sq.in. head size

Pro Staff 97 v13:
315g Unstrung weight
31cm balance
6.4 SI stiffness
97 sq.in. head size

It seems to me that the Pro Staff should be much closer to what I have had (six one) than what the Clash 100 would be?


Can't speak for the Clash, but your thinking seems right to me, although I've seen complaints that the latest pro staff (v13) is a bit light in the swingweight dept.

So the "gentle on my arm" I think also depends if you accelerate the racket's head through the swing, instead of a more flat-ish swing... the weight would help but the difference in the balance point can make the racket feel less powerfull...then cause you to muscle the ball ultimately causing discomfort on your arm...

So yes, provided you have sound technique more towards the modern swing...


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Thank you for your response. I am afraid I have a bit of a flat-ish swing but I am in the process of changing it to more acceleration and topspin. So maybe I should be looking at other racquets as well.
I figured the overall higher weight would compensate for the lower balance point. But I guess the only way to find out for sure is to try it out. Complicated stuff this. :)


I have the PS97 and RF97. Get the RF and don’t worry about the extra static weight. It’s so much better than the PS in every possible way.