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  1. not sure exactly what my rating would be, but I am top 100 in b18's in the mdwest section. I rely on a powerful serve an heavy groundstrokes. I have been using the ncode six-one 90 for about a year, but It just doesnt seem to be my racquet. I'm looking for something that can generate some more spin. I have also been meeting the ball a little late sometimes, so mabe something a little lighter. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for the help
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    Mmm...are you top 100 because there are only 100 boys under 18 that play in your section - :p just kidding. Have you checked the sticky with the comparitive reviews? I'd check that first if I were you there are some pretty good comparisons there. It's hard for me to suggest you a racquet since idk how the ncode 90 compares to the rest (since I've never tested it out) but I did DEMO the ncode 95 and if it's anything similar to the 90 it is quite flat and heavy. I really liked the Babolat AeroDrive in terms of spin and slicing. The Prince Diablo Tour is also a great racquet (for pretty much everything). It's lighter than the ncodes and I really really liked it. Then there's the Head Liquid Metal Radical which might fit your lightness requirement also great overall. The last racquet I thought was solid on slice/spin was the Prince O3 tour. Check out the reviews in here some say the Yonex MDX 500 is a great racquet as well, I demoed it and personally didn't think it was so good. Just search around, check the comparitive reviews and go demo 5-10 racquets and see for yourself. Good luck!
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    Your NTRP might be 4.5-5.0? Top 100 B16/18's in CA would be more like 5.0-5.5, but I'm not familiar with the the level of tennis in the m i d west *EDIT: rrgh, TW filter I'm not talking about the competitor!* (I do know that CA & FL are very competitive).

    As for racquet choice, if you're content with the headsize (not shanking a lot) and only concerned with weight & spin (which are the only two aspects you mentioned), try the Yonex RDX 500. Same headsize, more spin-friendly, 17 grams lighter, and flexier to boot.
  4. Thanks for the tips, and I'm not exactly sure how strong the vaious sections are, but as far as I know the mdwest is just below florida, california, and texas, which I am pretty sure are the top three.
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    if you want a lot of spin, you might want to look in to the POG 93" or the diablo mid.
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    get the babolat PD or the PS

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