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Fed, Thank you, your phone is expensive, I'm not in America, I am in Russia:) also do not speak English. exchanged letters with the support-agreed that once the dial order, write them on email about the grommets. Hope racket will be delivered in the right form for me ... :))))
Could TW please tell me whether the headlite balance points indicated in ther specs are after stringing or before.
eg: BLX Tidal wave is shown as 6 points Headlite. After stringing does it become only 3 points lite?

Paul B 40-15

when you go to a sports shop to purchase a new racket, do you need to tall the person in the shop as much information about your game as possible in order for them to help you pick the right racket?
I haven't played for a while and I never really understood a few things.
I have no idea what my style of play is, I also have no idea what my swing speed is, what strings I prefer or what string tension best suits me.

any ideas please?
In response to your FAQ question - What are some arm friendly racquets?

A brief list of arm friendly racquets (feel free to suggest additions)
Pro Kennex 5g/Ki5
Pro Kennex 7g/Ki5x
Volkl C10 Pro
Obviously this list needs work, suggestions please!

The 2 most recent additions on my list of top 10 arm-friendly racquets are:
Yonex Vcore 95D
Volkl Organix 10 325G

The 3 top selling arm-friendly racquets are:
Babolet Pure Storm LTD GT (95)
Prince EXO3 Tour (100) 16 x 18

TW Staff


We’ve never tested this so we’re not sure. It likely has a minor affect on the specs. The difference is not likely to be as large as the spec variation between two frames of the same make/model.

Brittany, TW


This is the Frequently Asked Questions thread for the Racquets sub-forum. Hopefully this will allow us to cut down on the stickies!

Q: How do I customize my racquet?
A: Customizing racquets is the process of making slight (typically) modifications to a racquet to suit a player. These modifications can be anything from adding lead tape/weights, to molding a custom grip shape! The varying methods of customization are too broad to discuss in a simple FAQ, but here is a good guide to get you started:
After reading this guide, you can ask more specific questions in the forum!

Q: I read TW's guide on customization, would adding lead weight(s) to the handle lower the swingweight?

A: No, there is no way to lower swingweight by adding weight to a frame. You CAN, however, lower the swingweight by other means, such as removing material from the bumper guard. For more information see this thread:

Q: What effect will adding weight to my racquet have on its balance and swingweight?
A: Steve H. has made up a spreadsheet that will calculate these specs for you -- it can be found at http://www.hoboy.net/Hoboy/formulas.xls
Validity of these results has not been verified yet.

Q: What is the best racquet for X type of player?

A: Simply put, there is no specific formula to match a racquet to a player. The best advice you can get when searching for a new racquet is to demo, demo, demo. If there is no demo service available in your area (or if the local service does not carry the racquet you are looking for..) TW provides users an excellent method of demoing frames. More information can be found here:
Charges range from ~$12 - 31, this covers shipping both ways, 4 racquets max at a time. The program is free, the shipping is not. More information can be found at the link

If you have NO idea to begin with, here is a good read on different types of racquets, and players they are "suited" for.

Q: I've been demoing, and I think i know what I like, how can I find all the current products on the market that are similar to my specs?

A: TW offers a racquet finding tool, found at: http://www.racquetfinder.com/

You can search by ranging the specs to very tight, or very loose tolerances. You are given the option to search only current models, but can also search discontinued models. This is an excellent resource when you know a ballpark idea of what you're looking for.

Q: What are some arm friendly racquets?
A: There are a ton of different opinions on this subject, so I won't try and list all "arm friendly" racquets. If you want to read about what makes a racquet arm friendly or not, check out this link:
DISCLAIMER: Racquet research (apparently) has stopped being updated because of incomplete/inaccurate formulations, leading to rankings that don't take into account human factors. Take all information read there with a grain of salt, and also do a quick search about any interesting racquets on the boards to supplement any findings you come across. Thanks J D for the input.

It's a little outdated, but it has some excellent information.
Edit (7/4/06): More information about racquet research can be found here:

A brief list of arm friendly racquets (feel free to suggest additions)
Pro Kennex 5g/Ki5
Pro Kennex 7g/Ki5x
Volkl C10 Pro
Obviously this list needs work, suggestions please!

More available here:

Q: What kind of specs are the pros REALLY using?
A: Check this thread here, it is an excellent resource:

Q: Is there a way I can search through all the Comparative Playtests?
A: Yes, there is!
The thread you're linking to for the pros specs is incorrect.