Racquet Grip Replacement


I think I may need to replace the grip on my racquet sometime in the not too distant future. Someone told me the best grip is made by Yonex. Does anyone here have an opinion on this ? Is there a good resource (website or whatever) with information that may be useful ?
My two favorites are yonex pro super grap and tourna grip... Probably prefer the tourna grip more but it's just such a pain to constantly change it.


Thank you. That's a lot to digest.
No worries. I mostly use leather grips as I like the feel of the bevels and it adds a little weight. Then use either tourna grip, wilson pro, yonex supergrap or head prestige pro on top for a tacky feel. In the past I've also used the head hydrosorb pro synthetic grips instead of leather, they seem to keep a bit of the bevelled feel.


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you should try overgrips, yonex supergap is a big favorite, i know its mine.

if you are looking for a replacement to a standard grip and don't like overgrips then just find the one that was on your racquet already or pick a new one.