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Hello TW World,

I am looking to get back into tennis and looking for some racquet suggestions as I have not picked one up for about a year. From when I was playing daily and competitively my focus is always on clean ball striking and control. I was wondering if you guys could give me some recommendations on some racquets to try. Looking for sticks with either 16x19/20 or 18x20 string patterns only. If this is not the correct thread for this post let me know which one is.

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you are the expert of you...really light on your info...i would suggest going back to what was the best racquet you have used and start there. Then you have a good starting point.
You always have the option to start getting demos ....make it fun..be open, logical, record/track your results. You should see some patterns to help narrow down the list even further.
If you do it right, it will take time and patients.
Find the right frame for you and your game..
Pick a path and take it..
Do not let others make discussions for you.
Glad you are back in this great game....and have fun...


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