RACQUET like AeroPro or Instinct BUT....

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Safina, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Safina

    Safina Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004
    I really like the spin and pace I can put on the ball with an AeroPro Drive or Head LM Instinct BUT....
    I REALLY wish they had SOLID FOAM handles. (and possibly the .3 to .6 extra weight there too.
    I tried self-help with lead tape and silicone, but I think I really want a foam handle to get a more solid feel.

    Has anyone else desired this and what have you found?
    I am thinking about the Yonex 002 or 003. Don't know what else is 11oz with solid foam handles.

    (too poor to get customized grips at ****..... :( )
  2. P8ntballa

    P8ntballa Guest

    If your looking at yonex the RDS001, 002 Tour, and the RQiS1 Tour are all great and very solid sticks. Post any questions you might have!
  3. Safina

    Safina Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004
    I have a lot of demo time with the 002 Tour, and love the feel, especially on the backhand, perfection!!!!
    BUT, I seem to only be able to use it against 4.5 and under players. Once I start hitting against accomplished 5.0+, I really get pushed around.
    It is most likely just highlighting the lack of compactness on my forehand stroke, but all of these big hitters are blasting away with Aeropro Drives, Prince Sharks, and AG300s. I am going to demo some lighter frames to see if I can hang in a little longer on forehand rallies with these guys.

    I serve really well with the classic 10pt HL heavy racquet, and 2HBH is great too with that setup, but my forehand is really lagging and it feels strangely unstable on my wrist.
    On forehands the Yonex 002 Tour feels like it is 28" long (slow, plodding, clumsy) which is why I think maybe if I went lighter I might be better off.

    I am going to try demoing some lighter frames while going to the gym to work on wrist and arm exercises (among others).

    Anyway, I used to use Babolats and my forehand was better, but my backhand would go off, mainly because the balance was even instead of very HL. But if I can get an AeroPro balanced more HL to get closer to the feel of the 002Tour, but at about 11.7 ounces, I might really like it.
    IF it can feel solid like the Yonex foam handles do to me.

    I might also just try a whole bunch of other Yonex's that are slightly less demanding than the 002Tour that still have that nice feel.

    I suppose the 001MP is around 11.7 and is more powerful than the 002Tour, so maybe I will like that.... I'll add it to the list, thanks!
  4. P8ntballa

    P8ntballa Guest

    When I play against heavy hitters I dont really notice my RDS getting pushed around at all and I really can push the ball deep into the back corners of the court even on service returns. Also try the RQiS1 when I demoed it I hit very well and the extra weight shined against a heavy shot. If you are having a problem with swinging a 12oz+ stick try lowering string tension and shortening the stroke, also look for a stick with a lighter swing weight. A heavier racquet with a light sw is the MG Prestiege Pro which hits very well but really does not have the feel I ussually connect with the Prestiege line from Head. I still like my RDS001 more then all the racquets Ive tried but it may be diff for you. Demo and find something that fits you well... GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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