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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by achokshi99, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Just wanted to run by a few basic racquet mods for TE improvement to see if forum members had any additional advice.

    I had the worst racquet/string combo which brought about some nasty TE (Roddick PDGT and full bed poly) but the good news is after switching racquets and strings and doing a lot of TE work (flexbar, post match icing, also steady rotator cuff exercises for shoulder stability) my TE has improved a lot. I still have some TE but there's been little improvement so I want to ultimately see what else I can do to get rid of it. I currently use a BB DCP stock right now and am settling in on Weisscanon Explosiv! at 62x60 or so as my string of choice. I have used a lot of good strings recently to find the absolute best for me and WCE and MCS were as good as it gets for me.

    As for mods I was wondering about grip size and LT. Tennis Mav suggested LT at 2/4/8/10 on the BB DCP and I loved it for a while. At the time I had some pretty bad TE so I was playing people below my level but as soon as I played better players I found the manueverability w/LT was a bit challenging for me. I just put in 2g total so it's not a lot but surprisingly it was a bit tougher for me against players that hit a better ball. Once I took the LT off I could play those types of players more competitively but I think it was less healthy for my arm. Has anyone had this experience where their own skill drops a bit with adjusting to the LT? More importantly, have poeple generally found LT to have helped with diminishing TE? Also wondering if your game adjusted over time or not. I had been playing with the LT racquet for about 1 month, maybe about 8-10x total and wondering if I should go back to it and just suck it up and let my game adjust over time to the LT racquet and lose a lot.

    I have a 3/8 grip size and on the BB DCP it feels a bit smaller maybe because of the grip pallet. I had tried two overgrips over the main grip and it also felt difficult to play with compared to having just 1 overgrip over the main grip (my preference). I recently just bought a BB replacement grip and put that over the main grip to see if that would feel better and still the best playability feel for me is the 1 overgrip. Same question overall - have players that have gone a bit higher on the grip for TE relief found that they could adjust to it over time or do you just accept a slight tick down in your playing and accept it as a fair trade off for no TE? Also has the additional grip actually helped reduce TE?

    My biggest challenge with the slightly thicker grip and LT racquet is wrist speed/pronation. I have an open stance heavy topspin FH so the leaded racquet and thicker grip seem to make it harder for me to impart spin against players that hit heavier shots. Either way, after settling on some strings over 1-2 months of swapping around and then LT on/off, kind of want to settle on the most arm friendly set up I can have and just go with it. Thx.

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