Racquet recommendation? Babolat Pure Drive vs Babolat Boost Drive?


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Hi guys. So few yrs ago 7 or 8 i rented Babolat raquet and i played great with it. I love it. It was blue and white. Unfortunately i don't remember the model name of it but i'm assuming it was Babolat Pure Drive as it's i think only racquet that it's blue that Babolat sells.
Forgive me for this simple description but that's all i remember frankly.

I'm a beginner player but i do well in sports in general so for me learning curve is usually short. I tried other raquets from different brands back then Wilson, Yonex, head but Babolat was honey for me so i think i want to stick with that. I would like to purchase same racquet that i played with but that's a difficult task to zero on. The raquet was extremely forgiving and no matter how i hit it shots where doing good. It had a good sweet spot too. It was just great playing raquet which didn't punish you for making mistakes. Had a good amount of power too as i didn't need to hit it hard for it to generate some good power.

Are there any other Blue and white Babolat raquets that Babolat use to sell or is still currently selling?

Should i go with Babolat Pure Drive vs Babolat Boost Drive? What's attractive with boost is has 105 sq inches so it has bigger sweet spot.

Also it might have been oversized but i'm not sure. I also found this BABOLAT PURE DRIVE 110.
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