Racquet recommendations similar to Aerogel 200 4D


I'm in the process of demoing racquets, having just changed to a semi-western WW forehand and still using a 1HBH. I currently swing an O3 white, but have been enjoying somewhat heavier racquets so I've been looking for something as comfortable as the O3 white but somewhat heavier and maybe a little crisper.

I started with Prince racquets, including the exo3 graphite 100 (intruiging, but too head-heavy), the speedport black (didn't like it as much as my current white), and speedport pro white (liked the increased heft compared to my white); haven't tried the ignite yet. The one Wilson racquet I tried (a Kobra?) didn't do much for me, and the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus, while nice from the ground, felt too head-heavy and awkward at the net, and I do play a good bit of doubles.

However, I just tried the Dunlop Aerogel 200 4D (18x20), and it was *fabulous* - crisp, comfortable, well-balanced, stable, no problem handling pace, and very good pop on my serves. I'd be interested in the 200 4D Tour 16x19, but it's apparently not out until January. I'm planning on trying the 300 4D Tour as well, but does anyone have any suggestions for other racquets to try? I haven't tried any heads yet, for example.


Why not stick with the Prince SP Pro White? or have you tried the Fischer M Pro 98? What about the other Dunlop 400's......the 300 and the 500?


Didn't like the speedport pro white as much as the 4d 200 - it just didn't feel quite as crisp or as balanced. I'll be trying out the 4d 300 and 4d 300 Tour next. I might order a demo of the 4d 200 16x19, too.


PatrickB, please give us an update once you try more of the 4D line and maybe even the Prestiges, if you can try them. I'm very interested in what you have to say.

Too bad i can't really help with your original question, though.