Racquet tune, at what percent loss do you restring?


With full poly I’ve been checking the tension straight off the stringer and then after play. I normally restring after 14 to 15 percent tension loss from the initial racquet tune measurement. Without play, I normally see around 6% loss after 24 hours.

Is that being wasteful? Do you guys run with less or more loss before cutting? I ask because often with poly tour strike it seams to not lose and stabilise at this tension loss. So I wonder if that’s no elasticity left or has it stabilised and you keep running with it until you see more loss. The reason I ask is I read that you normally should restring between 10 to 15 lbs loss and I have never see that much loss. So either my poly is amazing or the articles advice was bogus??
The majority of what I see here is most seem to go by hours of play and very few use racquet tune at all. Ie. cut at 10 to 20 hours regardless of observed racquet tune loss.


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It really depends on your strings, the tension you string at, and your style of play.

When I string a full bed of poly I use Volkl Cyclone Tour which tends to drop tension if it is not pre-stretched. I string it as low as I can string it and still feel I benefit from the string. As you can see it wouldn't take much for that setup to go from something I can use to something I can't.

Others who perhaps play 4G at 53 lbs may not have that issue because the string is pre-stretched/dead to begin with.

I actually go by feel. When I can't keep the ball in play, in particular when I am hitting my second serve and the combination of less spin and additional power from the string sends the ball a tad past the service line I am marching to my bag for a fresh setup.

Good luck!


I go by when the poly stops “snapping back”. At that point, it’s time to cut it out. However...

I string for a bunch of my friends who are 4.5-5.0 level as well, and some play it up until it breaks, so it really comes down to personal preference.