racquets and the racket(noise) over days gone by

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by tom4ny, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Jan 28, 2005
    the first thing to realize is that the incessant carping over todays game and the use of lighter and larger racquets only serves to feed your frustration that days gone by cannot be recaptured and yes, you are old now ;)

    if it is truly okay with you that people should play with whatever they like, then if more customers want to purchase lighter and larger frames that should not bother you. or at least you should not let it (see above).

    manufacturers will always produce new and make claims of the new being better than the old. if you didnt run a business that way, how long do you think that you would stay in business?

    and everyone here loves to try the new stuff. funny to me though - if i truly thought that the old gear is so good, i wouldnt be so interested in discussing new racquets let alone demo them.

    fact is: there will always be new toys and its the next generation of player that determines the future not some old crusty player with waning skills posting neurotically on a msg. board.

    [hehe, i fit into that category too so dont get your undies in a pinch.]

    to the youngsters and newbies - keep doing what your doing and have fun. plenty of new and good frames out there to 'compliment' your skills and style of play. always best to listen to your teaching pro if you have one.

    if i am sick, i listen to the doctor even tho i get (often unsolicited) advice from others. if i am seeking racquet advice i will put much more weight into what a 5.5 teaching pro says than some shrill wackjob who claims that a racquet somehow magically (in and of itself) will force you to play better. :cool:

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