Racquets: Donnay, Fischer, Redondo, Yonex...

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1) Fischer M Comp (95"): $60, 4 5/8" grip, in very good condition (8.5-10) with only routine scuffing around the bumper guard and top half of the hoop. No gouges, etc. Original black rubber Fischer grip. Strung with 16 gauge syn. gut at approx. 56 lbs.

2) ProKennex Redondo MP: $70, 4 5/8" grip, excellent condition (9-10) with only scuffs on bumper, strung with 17 syn. gut at approx. 58 lbs. Original grip looks to have been replaced with a black Gamma rubberized grip by previous owner.

3) Donnay Pro One (TW Ltd. Edition): $70, 4 1/2" grip, excellent condition (9-10) with only a few scuffs on bumper, original white Donnay synthetic grip and strung with syn. gut, maybe 16 gauge Gosen, at approx. 60-62 lbs.

4) Wilson ProStaff Tour 95: $70, 4 1/2" grip, excellent condition (9-10) with only mild scuffing on bumper, original leather grip is mildly faded, but feels good. This is the frame from the Hyper Carbon generation (si: 6.0) with the yellow finish on the inside of the hoop - Fed used the mid version. Strung with what looks like 17 gauge syn. gut at approx. 60-62 lbs.

5) Yonex MP Tour-1 mid (x2): $100 pair or $60 each, 4 1/2" grips, very good condition with scuffs and no gouges or court rash, extra set of grommets for each frame. One has a heat-shrink sleeve (one grip size) and a thin LaserFibre Tour Fit grip while the other has a Gamma Hi Tech black rubber replacement grip with no build up underneath.

My e-mail: tjorhody@yahoo.com

I don't use Paypal or any of that, but I'm fine with a check or money order. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 via USPS Priority. I'm certainly open to trade offers - the worst that can happen is I'll decline.

I don't have any covers for these frames and if you want pictures, send an inquiry and I'll respond as soon as I can.

fuzz nation

The Fischer is sold and both the Donnay and Wilson are on hold pending a sale.

Just have the two Yonex MP Tour-1 mids available.

fuzz nation

The Fischer and the Donnay are sold.

Thanks for your interest.

The only frames for sale right now are the two Yonex MP Tour-1 mids.