radical vs. prestige mp


hi, i´m a yonex user since a long time and have decidede to give head racquets a try. ill demo a few but first i would like to hear what you think that the main differences of this two lines are. especially in terms of spin, control. im only interested in midplus racquets and in a weight range of 320 - 345 g what means that i would lead up a i radical. i appreciate every opinion and would like to hear which model i, lm, flexpoint etc you like most. thanks for the answers

fuzz nation

I had the LM Radical and LM Prestige in mp, but neither worked for me - I'm hopelessly stuck on racquets that are 12.5 oz and heavier. The Prestige was only slightly softer and heavier than the Radical, but they were way too similar to have the different names in my opinion.

The Flexpoint Radical Tour was one crazy demo for me. It seemed the bigger I'd swing, the harder the ball would turn over on strokes. I think the review on the TW site was very accurate. Lots of flex, but that seemed to take a bit away from volleys and serves for me. Probably great for a baseliner.