Rafa and McEnroe practising


^^Thank you and that was funny. This could be a bad Prep for the finals. Why can't RAFA just get Bernie Tomic to practice with,,,he hits the ball much harder than JP Mcenroe, i am sure...?


Nadal practices a lot and probably had a couple other guys to work with.

I'm very curious who Federer practiced with Saturday and warms up with Sunday... Goran? Mac? Nestor?

Actually it probably makes very little difference.. both guys are the two most unique players on the tour and neither can be simulated in practice.


In fact, as McEnroe revealed in his SKY appearance, this was more for his benefit than Nadal's. He thought it would enhance his ability as a commentator to have actually hit with the people he is commenting on. This makes sense: with all the people retiring and entering the commenting field, it must become increasingly competitive. What is more, the younger players have direct experience of playing Fed and Nadal, something the older ones don't. SO he is just leveling the playing field. You now have Rusedski, Henman, McEnroe, Becker and in the past Connors commenting on british TV. A crowded field...