Rafa hitches a ride on Fed's Jet: Guess what the topic of discussion was?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Mr Topspin, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Mr Topspin

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    Jun 28, 2005
    It turns out Nadal got a lift on Federer's charter Jet from Montreal to Cincinnati yesterday. I can only guess at the topic of discussion:

    Nadal: 'Hey Rogi, thanks for the lift?'

    Federer: 'Yeah, yeah, cut the crap! We have a problem?'

    Nadal: 'Whats up?'

    Federer: 'What do you mean whats up? Isn't it obvious? That clown or Joker is up? That whats up?'.

    Nadal: 'Calm down Rogi. You mean Nova, no!'.

    Federer: (shaking his head in shock)

    Nadal: 'si, si! He is a problem, but more for you, si! He beat me like you, no, but it's on hard so i'm ok with it'.

    Federer: 'Your wrong, if you want to take over from me and be no 1, then we have to stop him before he gets too big, si'.

    Nadal: 'Si, si. I dont want Nova to be no 1 after you, it must be me not Nova! What you want me do Rogi? You want me to get Uncle Toni to talk to people who know people'.

    Federer: 'Now you are talking! We need this guy to go off the boil a little bit untill i break Pete's record, then goodluck..oops i mean then I get what i want then we deal with him then.'

    Nadal: 'You will be gone then. How will i stop him getting no 1 Rogi? No si!.'

    Federer: 'I will teach you s&v?.' Then you will win on hardcourts like me'.

    Nadal: 'Ok Rogi'. I call Uncle Tony and have him get some guys to work over Nova. Nova no play tennis for rest of year with bodily injuries. Si, Si'.

    Federer: 'That's perfect! Thanks Rafa. Where can i drop you off'.

    Nadal: 'At Cincy. We there yet, Rogi'.

    Federer: 'Sorry, I have to let you off at the next stop, i have personal business to discuss with some important partners'.

    (Plane lands in Vancouver abruptly, where a disgruntled Nadal is thrown out to the words 'Good luck in Cincy' says Federer.
  2. daddy

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    Aug 13, 2007
    Moon Balls
    Ha ha !!!!!
  3. Ultra2HolyGrail

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    Aug 2, 2004
    Uncle Tony RULES!!
  4. pound cat

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    Feb 22, 2004

    ROTFL Very funny, si?

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