Rafa Joker and "weak era"

#of lesser slams ?

  • Joker ~8-10 and rafa < 5

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Let's assume that any 2 of Nishikori (clay + HC) / Milos (HC + grass) / Dimitrov (HC + grass) / Thiem (clay + HC) are as talented as Rafa / Joker and they start winning slams when they're anywhere between 19-22.

Then how many lesser slams Rafa/ joker might end up with ?

By the age of 25 joker had 5 (3 AO + 1 W + 1 USO) slams and rafa had 10 (6 FO + 1 USO + 1 AO + 2 W).
So, you have 15 total slams to strip off from RAFA + joker anywhere from 2008 to 2017.


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I can't even imagine how Milos can be made more talented. Is that even possible?
he'll put on another arm sleeve to make two, put lipstick on in addition to his mouth brace, and perhaps some high heels when he's playing, and some leggings
damn that would be a sexier sight to see than his boring game


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im sorry, but even if peak kei, milosh, dimitrov and thiem coincided with peak djokovic and rafa it wouldnt have changed anything LOLOLOLHAHHHAAAHAHAH