Rafa makes tennis great.

"I think we both are very pleased that we're able to play at this level.

“And Rafa being No 1 in the world, deservedly so, is always probably the biggest challenge that you can face in sport, facing him on clay. Any other tournament, but especially on clay.

“Wimbledon semi-finals was definitely one the best, most exciting matches that I was part of, and that's not uncommon with Nadal. We had plenty of those in the past.

“It was so even that it really could have gone either way."

"And until the last shot, I didn't know whether I was going to win.

“I believed I could, but yeah. It was a really thrilling match and just one of the matches that I'll never forget and carry with me for the rest of my life.”
Well, you’re bound to find some gems hiding among the click-baity trash that The Express churns out :D

I remember one entitled something like ‘Federer makes SHOCK revelation about retirement plans’ and the quote which they based the whole article on was him saying ‘see you next year’ at the end of a tounrment or something...