RAFA Upcoming Apparel and Gear


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Rafa was wearing this shirt at practice earlier today in preparation for the second round of the Aussie Open. Any ideas on what tournament Rafa might be wearing this shirt in? I thought Roland Garros but it doesn't look like it in the spring/summer 2014 catalog. It does have his bull logo on the right sleeve. Maybe 2015?



At first I thought it was one of the Nike Running shirts he always wears during practice but it has the bull logo. Could be his World Tour Finals shirt, but I don't think Nadal has ever been in white for the WTF.


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WOW I love it! At first I thought its a regular shirt like the other tour pros wear but then I saw the bull on his sleeve!! Yup, it could potentially be his RG shirt, but the moment this shirt comes into my local NIKE store, im buying it!!!!!!