Rafa won’t face a top 70 player until the semis



There is no difficult draw for the king of clay. I love when these ******** stans in their basement sit around and troll internet forums all day lol
Basement? I wish. Our basement is huge. I have a 100 square foot room, which I’ve been living in since the 4th grade. I am 25 now.


Because they all sucked and got knocked out by other guys? Damn shame he won't have that meaningless, contextless stat to impress the idiots on the internet.

Sinner has knocked out two of the maybe ten at worst best clay courters on the planet for the loss of one set, but he's not ranked in the top 70, so if he beats him it'll mean nothing. Drat.


Remember when ferrer activated nadal’s untouchable mode in rg 2014? Maybe it’s better for Thiem/Schwartzman if nadal isn’t tested.
Nadal and Thiem had the worst draws. Djokovic just got a virtual walkover to the Final, really. Add to this the dumb move to change the balls to suit his game, and this is a disgrace, an scandal, a outrage.
Ombeleebel, no?
You can put #8 in the 1st round, #7 in the 2nd round #6 in the 3rd round, world's # 5 in the 4th round ,
#4 in the QF etc, and it will still look like a puffy draw.

Heck put a healthy Federer in the mix as well for an extra round, and it will still be a cupcake :alien:
Not saying that I'm trying to say they are not easy opponents for the serb
Djokovic's draw is a joke compared to Nadal's and Thiem's, that is all. But Nadal's perspective just got a little bit easier with Zverev dropping off and Thiem going into a 4th set. The draw itself was much tougher to begin with, but sometimes draws get better if some seeds drop off.


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it's also perhaps worth commenting that sinner's current live ranking is 46

i get it, the next ranking hasn't been published yet, but in real time he's playing a top 50 player in the quarters

then he'll play a top 10 elite clay courter (either Thiem or Schwartzman fits this bill, Diego is now #10 per live rankings and would be #8 if he beats Thiem)

then Djokovic if he gets that far

there is no way Djoko would trade his quarters and semis draw with Rafa - no argument that Djoko has a tougher R16 draw, but let's be real he's not in danger of losing to Khachanov


Cakewalk draws aren't the player's fault. So be it. Not Rafa's fault the other seeded players can't live up to their seeds.

mike danny

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Joking aside, at RG it doesn't really matter that he gets such an easy draw.

Now if he received such a draw in a non clay slam, hell would break loose.


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Yet some were moaning on here that djoko had the cakewalk when the draw came out! :X3:
The haters made their bed now have to lie in it. I created a thread called dream draw for rafa and everyone was saying i was playing mind games and Nadal was in trouble. Well, too late for people to say its a cake walk.
I on the other hand have that luxury as i said he had a gift of a draw and thiem was a good draw this event as we saw today.
You and i both said Djokovic had it tougher.


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As opposed to say Gonzales you mean or Phillipousis? #justsaying
Gonzalez crushed nadal in the QF
also crushed Haas in the SF (40+ winners to 3-5 UEs) - unreal numbers
played well in the final

phillipoussis also played fairly well in the Wim 03 final, though not great.

unlike "I make nadal's serve look like ivanisevic's" in USO 17 final anderson or awful play for first 2 sets from the same anderson in Wim 18 final.


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By baby Nadal you mean the FO champion, Wimbledon finalist and the fact that he won Indian Wells (beating Roddick and Djokovic) just a month after this match? This baby Nadal?
Yep the very same. Your logic is a bit like giving Nadal extra credence for USO 2017 for beating Del Potro who beat Federer no?