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Again this is a parody of Jack Bauer/Chuck Norris facts....

1. The only time Rafael Nadal chokes is when a piece of banana gets stuck in his throat.
2. Rafael Nadal doesn't waste time. Everyone else rushes.
3. Rafael Nadal doesn't pick wedges. His wedgies pick him.
4. When Roger Federer won Roland Garros, he had to make sure Rafael Nadal's name wasn't on his replica trophy.
5. To help make the tennis calendar shorter, Rafael Nadal requested that all Grand Slams last only 7 days.
6. Rafael Nadal didn't like carpet, so the surface ceased to exist.
7. Rafael Nadal's mere presence slowed down the grass at Wimbledon.
8. Just before the US Open draw was announced, Rafael Nadal prayed that he would wind up in Roger Federer's half of the draw.
9. Rafael Nadal can be injured and not injured at the same time (had to throw that one in:p)
10. Water bottles across the world can't wait to have Rafael Nadal's mouth touch them.
11. Rafael Nadal wanted to play the Australian Open final 10 minutes after his semi with Verdasco ended.


12. Nadal never loses when he is healthy.
13. Nadal has never lost a match when he was healthy.
14. Cucumbers are healthy.


16.)Nadal is poor baby who always has some ailments.When he wins he's a hero,when he loses it means his oppoenent got him on his usual injury day and the oppoenent's victory dosent count.

17) Anybody other than Nadal who wins a slam gets 'lucky'

18 ) Anyone who dosent face Nadal is a Slam final is 'lucky'.
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19)If Nadal loses before the final the tourney disbands and gives the remaining prize money to charity.

20)Whomever beats Nadal in a slam before the final is an overrated clown.