Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

What will the score be?

  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 31 25.6%
  • Nadal in 4

    Votes: 35 28.9%
  • Nadal in 5

    Votes: 8 6.6%
  • Murray in 3

    Votes: 6 5.0%
  • Murray in 4

    Votes: 28 23.1%
  • Murray in 5

    Votes: 13 10.7%

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The serve I can understand, but Murray's forehand... disappeared without a trace. That's a confidence shot.

edit: and I've summoned it back by saying this, again!


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The hell is wrong with him? Come on man, you are in a GS semi, what the hell?

And it's not like it's his first semifinal...


This is why, despite being a Brit, a small part of me wants Nadal to win today and reach Sundays final.

Nadal wouldn't lose 7 games in a row because he misses one forehand.
Yeah, his reaction wasn't ideal from missing that forehand. He lost 6 games in a row after that and hit as many unforced errors as possible.

Similar to the reaction by Federer after being up 5-2 at the FO and the drop shot miss. This is why Nadal wins slams, because of his mental toughness. He never gives up no matter how bad a mistake he makes. Others do.


Nadal being very sensible. He's not too far up on the baseline, he feels confident Murray will miss at some point so he's not forcing the issue.
Get Murray off the court, what a pathetic display of tennis. After dictating for a set and a couple of games, his entire game goes downhill and for what? One forehand . Kudos for Nadal for maintaining composure but that was just such an utter collapse by Murray


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What the f*ck is wrong with Andy? I left just when he won the first set, and now he is trailing by a lot. Well, it IS Murray...


I don't know why this always happens to Murray, he just seems to lose all his fire and motivation midway through matches after facing some adversity.