Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

What will the score be?

  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 31 25.6%
  • Nadal in 4

    Votes: 35 28.9%
  • Nadal in 5

    Votes: 8 6.6%
  • Murray in 3

    Votes: 6 5.0%
  • Murray in 4

    Votes: 28 23.1%
  • Murray in 5

    Votes: 13 10.7%

  • Total voters


Lol Ted Robinson said "for the first time in a Wimbledon semi, Andy Murray has won a set!". Think before you speak moron...


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Nadal's 1st serve is crap today. He missed 3 first serves in that game to go down 0-40.

1-0 Murray sets


YESSSSSSSS! Muzza gets the first set!!! I know Nadal will still win but at least we Fed fans get a little bread crumb :)


1st set Murray. Plus Murray serving 1st in set 2. Not looking good for Nadal, I think. Totally flat out there..

Anyway, hoping Murray can back it up against Djokovic on Sunday..


As a Nadal fan I'd feel somewhat happy for Murray for making the final and such, but knowing that he'd just lose in straights or four to Djokovic just pisses me off. It's like, Nadal HAS to win for Djokovic to lose.


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Muzza deserved that set.
No he didn't. Or not more than Nadal. They were perfectly balanced and I would even say Nadal was slightly more dangerous, but you need a little luck and maybe a few UEs of your opponent on the big points and Murray had that, whereas Nadal didn't.


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Murray crushed his forehands when it mattered. It was good to see the aggression that set.

At 15-40 set point, I saw Nadal coming back and saving them all and winning the tiebreak, but somehow he missed that random slice...
Nadal's 1st serve is crap today. He missed 3 first serves in that game to go down 0-40.

1-0 Murray sets
Agreed, Rafa played one terrible game but thats all it takes to lose a set. Get the impression that Rafa might've been thinking too much about that long Murray game


So let me get this straight, on Nadal's foot. Was it just his lovably broken English or is he essentially playing with a totally NUMB foot? Like when I've been lying down watching tennis too much, get up, and nearly fall over cos I can't feel my foot?

Or is it a more standard painkilling injection?


By the way, Del Potro has shown the way in terms of Murray's game plan, no doubt about it. The big man continues to have a say in this year's tournament.