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    Yes, I recognize that Rafa is a special athlete and destined for the HOF. No denying this. However, many tennis commentators and fans are a bit out of it when they jump over hoops to describe his preternatural physical prowess (guns), fitness and resolve…There are 1000+ athletes of typical size range 5’9” to 6’4” in other sports who are just as strong and just as determined. Rafa is 6’1” 185lbs, bigger than Ferrer and Ferrero and Rocchus and Santoro et al. I bet there are dozens of Aussie rules football stars that match Rafa’s prowess.

    Let his racket do the talking and leave the silly fawning to others. If one is an elite highly compensated athlete, I sure as heck hope they train hard, are very fit and have the resolve to go many tough sets under all conditions. Don’t you think that if indeed Rafa’s fitness, and strength are so unique, there is something lacking in many other elite tennis stars?! Surely, If Rafa is "overpowering" the others, this says more about them than it does about Rafa, si?

    Note how all of a sudden Federer is now shown as 6’1” 185 up from 175 a few months ago.

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