Hall of Fame
Thought this was fascinating to watch — former WTA player Julia Efremova raising her children to be competitive tennis players. She was also recently featured on the Functional Tennis Podcast. I can't tell if I'm impressed by what it takes at such a young age to become great, or terrified for this child and the pressures put on her. Is the mother is channelling some of her lost dreams onto her kids?

Either way interesting watch.

Podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/30mwAcKf0uSPylbO0psD0F?si=ZlEhiGR0SHOQJ55NtN5D2w



I just watched a few minutes, pretty interesting. This reminds me a little of the way Alexandra Stevenson's mom chronicled her upbringing/training over a period of years through tennis magazines. Although she had a pro career, she never really developed into the player some expected. I guess the advantage Julia's daughter has is her mom was a pro, whereas Alexandra's mom was a journalist. On the other hand, her dad was Dr. J. Maybe this girl will be another Seb Korda.