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  1. newbie123

    newbie123 Rookie

    Mar 24, 2004
    When rallying with another person, is it best to be aggressive and go for the angles or just simply hit the ball back deep with a comfortable pace?

    How would you rally with your opponent before a match VS rallying with a friend for practice?
  2. sanitarium

    sanitarium Rookie

    Mar 17, 2004
    Well the answer to your first question depends on your style of play, but you should never simply always go for the angles or an agressive pace you need variety.

    What's wrong with hitting the ball back deep at a comfortable - moderately fast pace to the corners if you can hit them? There's nothing wrong with moving your opponent around for a few shots, then try to open it up and then go for your aggresive angled shots.

    Secondly when I rally with an opponent before a match I try to get myself in the game mentally, focus, really work on proper swing mechanics/footwork/breathing and try to get a very good warm-up.

    Hitting with a friend is much more casual, i'll go for harder shots and hit the ball harder because the outcome doesn't matter in a sense.

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