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When we talk about compassion, we talk in terms of being kind. But compassion is not so much being kind; it is being creative [enough] to wake a person up.
- Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoch


I got friends [accountants and nurses] who moved from CA to TX but couldn't stay put for more than five years [golden state is always in their mind] but then when they returned, they're either self-employed or involved in start-ups.


700 US companies are now located in Ireland as direct investment soars even during the recession and pandemic. These US companies based in Ireland now employ around 130,000 people.

By Henry MacDonald

Dublin has attracted Facebook and other hi-tech firms. Photograph: Peter Titmuss/Alamy

The list of major firms operating in the Republic includes Intel, Boston Scientific, Dell, Pfizer, Google, Hewlett Packard, Facebook and Johnson and Johnson.
A major draw for US firms is Ireland’s low 12.5% corporation tax rate and numerous controversial tax breaks. [The government has promised to phase out the latter.] The corporate tax rate, which remains a sacrosanct part of Irish industrial policy, has been so successful in wooing US investment that the country’s neighbours across the border want it too.


Virus is a multi-faceted weapon.

Psychologically damages weak minded, divides the masses, and tests general public compliance.

Physically suffocates children with masks with no science behind, introduces vaccine which kills old and weak or paralysis you.

Economically destroy small businesses, and livlihoods.