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    At least starting from 72 or 73. I know they used the computer for a while, and it made some #1's when they may not have been otherwise (connors in 77, agassi in late 95), but when did they switch to the current ranking system, and how did they do the switch (slowly let old points fall add new points, or just switch immediately in one week). I looked up the point roddick had as world #1 in late 03, and it was something like 3000 or 4000 which isn't possible because roddick had atleast 2 slam sfs (720 each) a slam (2000) and 2 masters (1000 each), making 5440 points right there. Did they use another ranking system inbetween the computer rankings and the current system? Can someone please explain this to me.
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    The Slams are worth 2000 points only from 2009. Between 2000 and 2008 they were worth only 1000 points. And before that they were worth even less, but bonus points were also awarded. The ATP website shows how many points a player gathered at a particular tournament if you take a look at his acivity in a given year.
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    Yes, elegos7 is right,
    in 90´s and 80´s players got bonus points for beating high ranked players

    from 1990 to 1999 it was
    50 pts for beating No.1,
    45 pts for beating No.2 to No.5,
    36 pts for beating No.6 to No.10,
    24 pts for beating No.11 to No.20,
    18 pts for beating No.21 to No.30,
    12 pts for beating No.31 to No.50,
    6 pts for beating No.51 to No.75,
    3 pts for beating No.76 to No.100,
    2 pts for beating No.101 to No.150,
    1 pt for beating No.151 to No.200
    0 pts for beating players lower than No.200.
    This was valid for all tournaments. But since 1996 to 1999 (I think) there were double bonus points on Grand Slams, it means for example - for beating of No.1 was 2 x 50= 100 pts).

    In 80´ s was a little different bonus points scale, I am not sure if bonus points were even from 1973 to 1984.
    In 80´s and 70´s were tournament points divided by number of tournaments to get average points which determined entry rankings on 52 week basis.

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