Ranking The Best Years of the WTF's in London


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Ok this years WTF's has been a bit of an anti-climax to say the least and has now been overshadowed by the recent Stan-Mirka incident. The tournament was looking like being saved after that epic semi-final between the two and decent match between Novak and Kei and all looked set for a great final but has all gone to pot after Roger pulled out of the final and the recent controversy. So i'm wondering of the 6 years the WTF's has been in London which has been the best and worst tournaments in your opinions? Mine would be like this:

1. 2010 - Epic Murray/Rafa Semi - Good final between Roger/Rafa
2. 2009 - Amazing matches between Davy/Federer & Davy/Djokovic
3. 2013 - Lot of competitive three set matches - amazing Delpo/Federer match
4. 2012 - Great Novak/Roger final
5. 2011 - Good Tsonga/Federer final
6. 2014 - Shambles apart from Semis

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IMO 2009 had the most in form players. 6 players had a 2-1 record in the RR stage: Davydenko,Djokovic,Murray,Federer,Soderling,Del Potro. It was very hard to choose only 4 of them IMO to go the semis.


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I think 2010 was pretty good, some nice matches with Murray and Nadal, Nadal vs Roddick then a good final. I'd say the 2012 final was the best.