Ranking the national tennis federations in terms Of Junior Tennis Devlopment

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    1- USA/USTA
    ARGUABLY still number one in terms of devloping juniors in all age groups (Kozlov,Mmoh,Destnitikov,Krueger,Townsend)Breaking into the pro tour is another story to be told. But the Us have been impressive despite some major blimps and faults in the coaching systems. They've also recorded some impressives result too ( Henrik winning Las Petits, Us winning junior Fed Cup etc. )And is the reason why the hold the number 1 spot.

    It's been tough for them fore the last 10 years but now have really been taking more notice in there juniors. Awesome results from their juniors (Gb winning the junior Davis cup, number 1's in numerous tennis Europe age groups, Brody, Edmund, Bambridge having good junior Grand Slam runs)I do think that the LTA need to develop a coaching style for their players like the Spanish with there grinder style and The US with there big serve/forehand style to become more recognised. Overall positive signs from them and had a good future ahead of them.

    3- Canada/TennisCanada
    I'm was very shocked at their sudden surge of competing forJunior grand slams (Peliwo, Bouchard, Nagal, Francoise) I'm not 100% sure what they have changed to develop players but it seems to be working. I do believe that Peliwo and Raonic have paved The way for more junior stars to be made.

    Im a big fan of Luke Saville's game after watching him at the us open. Sally peers seems to be making noise In the girls rankings. At one time the Aussies were notorious for their S&V and C&C styles but are now more versatile and a lot of players seem to have that counterpunching style.

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    Yes I agree. It looks like USA youngsters looking good. I think USA tennis is poised for pretty bright future. I think USTA is identifying talent and helping develop the high level players is defintely picking up steam within the last 1-2years. On the womens side next 2-5 years are critical as we've got some nice players moving up the ranks. I am not sure why the men are not doing as well.
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