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Hello. I am a 16 year old varisty tennis player looking to buy a new racket. I have been using the clash for the last year or so but want to go to a racket with a thinner beam and some more weight. Most of the popular rackets now I can demo at my club, but I was thinking about trying out some Yonex rackets that aren't at any local clubs. I have only tried the new head prestige pro and liked it, but didn't know which Yonex rackets to try. I would like to try and keep it to 3 since thats all tennis warehouse allows for one order. I am a doubles player and my strength is my hands. I would like a racket with good feel, but one that I can be up on the baseline with. Of the Ezone and Vcore rackets, which of these would fit be the best?

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TDub would let you have 4 racquets to demo but you’ll have call them if you want a fourth. I would recommend the Vcore 97 HD or Vcore 95.


i think the ezone 98/100 is going to be easier/better for most players. doubles is different, and hand speed with a lighter racquet is a bit advantage. for the 3rd demo, i would try the vcore pro 97 310.

these are all open pattern 16x19
I would also recommend you demo prokennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro (315). I know it's not what you may consider a 'cool' brand, but it is a very quality thin beam 16x19 racket.


VCore Pro 100 is very underrated. UTR 8 #1 6A boys varsity player in my area uses it to perfection, and definitely the local young doubles specialist.


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Very interesting that you should create this thread. I just made the switch from Wilson Clash Tour to the new Yonex EZone 100. I demoed 7 Yonex racquets.

I recommend you demo from Tennis Expressssss. They let you demo 4 racquets for $17.99 free shipping each way.

I recommend trying the 2020 EZone 100 and 98 and the VCORE 100 and 98.

I really enjoyed both racquets, but I actually found the VCORE to be a bit on the stiffer side. I ended up buying two Ezones from TennisWarehouse Europe they have MUCH better prices than the USA site. Shipping is a little more, but u still save in the long run.
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