Rate my forehand please


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Today I had the brilliant idea to get my friend to record me playing tennis, however he only managed to capture some of my forehands, so if you could please rate it, (I know that the quality is terrible and it's not a great angle but this was a bit spur of the moment, so no planning :-? ) and if you have eyes like a hawk, some improvements would be great.

Thanks! :)


Maybe next week (or sooner) I'll be back with some more video?


It's hard to evaluate without seeing the depth and trajectory of your shots, but from the limited amount I can see, you have a good set-up, good follow-thru, and a good fist pump.


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Yeah, sorry about the angle, but I can confirm that all the shots landed in, but I'll try my best to get better footage! :)


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Yeah, sorry about the angle, but I can confirm that all the shots landed in,I'll try my best to get better footage! :)

hawk eye

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I thought, when is he gonna hit a forehand? The vid was almost over and I didn't see any. That's why i think you rushed it a little bit. But in the end you even had time to fistpump. Still, some decent hits.


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Are you getting your racket far enough back?
Your elbow leads well, but the racket head never goes nearly behind you.
Good for a short quick controlled swing, for sure.
Fed would take a longer backswing using the racket behind him.


You're like a recreational version of Andy Murray. Very good. Focus on consistency which is an advice for just about everyone. That's all. :)


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swing path is definitely good. +1 fist pump

leg usage is definitely not good. -1 fist pump
you're not using your legs at all. your hitting off your front toe of the left leg on every shot and spinning on it like a ballerina. If i saw you hit like that in warmups i would just hit wide the whole match because you wouldn't be able to generate anything heavy going wide unless you swing like crazy and you would always be late recovering because of that right leg.

You should practice thinking the stroke has phases: prep (all that stuff), the stroke and the recovery. You are ignoring the final phase of the stroke.
All of those phases of the stroke should be repeatable . You land differently each time.


I disagree with LeeD and would not change the small take back. You can hit the poo out of the ball with a compact swing.

Cheetah is on to something with your leg usage. You don't load the back leg and transfer weight into the shot. Try this against a few sitters to get the feel. Load your weight on the R back leg as you take the racket back. Then let the R leg and R hip start the forward motion. Get the feel of the R hip driving the core rotation forward. For a visual image - go to this link and watch the video - between 1:30 and 2:15 - he explains driving into the shot with the back leg and hip.


Try not to spin the back leg around - just transfer the weight to the front foot as the R hip drives forward.