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Without any pressure from a human opponent, and without actually seeing where your shots are going, it's hard to say. With a ball machine, it's easy to prepare for shots, particularly since you know exactly where they are going, and they all have the same amount of pace. I'd have to see how you handle a variety of shots, on the run, handcuffed, etc.

But if I were to guess, I'd say either a strong 3.5 or possibly up to a 4.0.


I would say strong 3.0/3.5.
Your serve seems good but your groundstrokes seem lacking. When against a tennis machine, you know where the balls are going and you prepare for it, but some of the backhandshots look kind of rushed even though it seemed like you have lots of time. (You were walking) You know where the ball is going, so its easy to hit. It seems like some of the balls were going under or going out.

Its hard to see for real because you need to see where the balls land, and see how powerful the serves are.

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For your slice backhand, try and bring it up higher to your head, and accelerate racket speed. It kind of looks like you're just blocking it back with little spin.


Depends on what you want the rating for. If it's just to impress friends, or folks here on the boards, go with a 5.0. That sounds pretty impressive. If its to find what type of USTA team to look for I'd suggest you find people on a 3.5 team to play against. If you do too well against them, try looking for 4.0s, if you get creamed, try looking for 3.0s. I'd also suggest you try doubles, as you seem to slow down dramaticcally after about a minute of hitting, so you might want the shorter points in doubles. If you are trying to determine what type of tournament to enter I'd again start with 3.5s and see how you do.


Please watch my video and rate my game according to the NTRP.
Any tips for improving?
Here is my video:

I'd stick with the two-handed backhand for yourself. You only hit two of them during your video, but they looked more solid than your one-hander. I'd say your one hander gets you into trouble sometimes (if i'm a betting man) and that you give your opponent too many opportunities. Don't get me wrong, I love the 1hbh, but it looked as if you drove the ball better with the two-hander and that you probably have more accuracy. I'd be interested in seeing more two-handed backhands from you to see your consistency and power levels in comparison with your 1 hander.


I wouldnt put too much weight in what people on the boards say about your rating, someone posted a video of fernando verdasco once asking what level he probably was (the guy said the person in the video was his friend) and most people said 5.5

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well distinguishing between a 5.5 and a 6.0 or 7.0 can be difficult unless you watch them play an entire match. It is easy to define 3.0's- 4.0's just by looking at their strokes and footwork.

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I see that you are from Bulgaria. Of all your shots, I like your one handed backhand the best How long have you been playing? Are you playing in a club league or tournaments? Do you have a coach?
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LoL...Isn't that the truth. 4.0...possible...3.5...Likely (although, a strong 3.5). Listen, I think crack is cool, so to those of you that I said was on crack, I'm really just saying you're cool. And, since I'm on crack now, I'm cool as well! Whooohoooo!
Looking at your serve...i would try to keep your left arm up a little longer as i am sure you have a tendency to pull alot of serves into the net...its hard to say about the rest of your game as you are under very little pressure...your just going through the motions of backhands and forehands...and as i am from the UK, I have no idea as to what level you would be at :-D


serve isnt the best, 1hbh isnt picture perfect, and bad reactions on forehands (landing on your back foot, unneeded hops). however fix up the serve a bit and work on forehand, im guessing a 3.5 maybe.


Kiro, is it you? :D

I like the technique, a little bit lazy footwork but probably in a match you run more?