Rate the 2023 Craig Tiley Night Sessions Open


On a scale of 10 to 10, 10 being stunning. :whistle:




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2/10. 1 for tsitipas - sinner 1 for murray heroics

the rest just bunch of boring garbage, 1 good playing atg sleepwalking to title facing bums


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Thanks to his protégé, the good Tiley is going to receive a more succulent annual bonus than in his previous years.

Third Serve

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The tournament started well but the early elimination of most of the top players, the lack of Alcaraz participation, and the boring last few rounds bring it down a lot.

Even in spite of the deportation and the breaking of the Slam record, I preferred last year’s edition. The Muzz stuff was quite fun though.


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Can't have it both ways. Either the level of competition is so dire that Novak can win these tournaments with minimal resistance, or the margins between him and the next best players are so razor thin that a variable like time of day has a bearing on the outcome of his matches.

Gotta pick one.


Thank God I'm alive to witness this reaching, overreaching, grasping at straws, and seething, my God it's unlike nothing I've ever seen