RDC calibration


Hi @TWE Staff ,

I was wondering how often the RDC is calibrated in the TWE warehouse?

Quite some years ago I paid for the racquet matching service you offer and never actually used the racquets.
Today I brushed off the dust and wanted to confirm the specs that were measured for each racquet. Weight and balance match up, however the swingweight measurements are way off.

Here are the comparisons (the first one is maybe the most confusing):
276 - 281
278 - 292
277 - 292
277 - 292

I double checked the calibration of my own machine (Prince tuning centre) which is spot on, completely level and registering the expected SW with the supplied calibration bar.

I'm a little concerned as I currently have an order open with the matching service and I'm wondering how reliable it is.


I would have hoped I’d have a response by now..

Oh well..

I’ve received my order and the swing weights are perfectly in line with what was quoted by TW.

I guess there was a mix up years ago, or the RDC was giving completely incorrect readings