RDX 500 and leather grip??


Hey all,

Ive been messing around with the setup of my rdx 500 mid, put a leather grip and the racket feels like an absolute beast!!! I usually use a leather on all rackets but this it feels horrible and riculously heavey on this racket. Any one else had a similar experience or am I wierd? Any suggestions to a firm but light leather grip alternative?



I put Wilson leather on both of my RDX 500s and then I put a Yonex Supergrap over that. Feels just right. Firm enough for good feel, and yet not too harsh.


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Added Babolat leather grips to my RDX 500s and yes, they do add some weight to the racquet. I was customising my RDX 500s at home and I realised that in order to attain the balance I wanted while using a leather replacement grip and a Yonex Supergrap overgrip I got the racquets up to about 345 unstrung. Plus I had to further add weight just to make sure all the racquets were the same weight. So imagine how heavy they turned out to be. But I enjoy the stability and control it gives me when I play.


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I recently received one with a Babolat leather grip on it and yes, it does feel "heavy". Much heavier than normal which was very awkward feeling to me. Of course I took it off and put a new Prince replacement and then a Wilson Overgrip like I do with everything else and it works much better for me.


I put a leather grip on mine and the only problem I had was the added size of the grip. It was a little thicker than the stock grip. I guess it could add a tiny amount of weight but my rdx is nearly 14oz.