Re-tooling the serve due to injury?


I was reading an article this morning on Djokovic's match versus Murray -- in which he subsequently retired with shoulder issues. I've known it to be repeatedly said that professionals generally may tweak a few things here and there, but don't make big adjustments in their game. I think everyone knows the Djokovic's service motion has the potential to give him lots of potential physical problems (including the shoulder).

Does anyone know of any professional player who have been able to significantly re-tool their serve (or any other part of their game) due to injury? Yet still be just as successful? I've watched Sharapova suffer a lot due to her injury and haven't seen any real adjustment in her game.


Talk Tennis Guru
Agassi did after wrist surgery, may of only been a temp measure though.
I recall an Agassi match when he first came back from the wrist issue. He took it easy and served 100% of his serves in -- He won that match without hitting any 2nd serves at all, if I recall correctly. It may have been a 1st round match tho'.