Read Federer's Post Match Interview Today, Very Interesting

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Q. Do you think you're a significantly better player than you were a few years ago? And if so, could you talk about that?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, I used to play obviously much different at the age like Djokovic. I would chip and charge, serve and volley a little bit, play like my idols basically: Becker, Edberg, Sampras. They all did it, so for me it was like I got to play the same way.

Then I realized things were slowing down. The new string generation came along where returning and passing shots was made easier. It was harder to attack in some ways, you know.

But at the same time that helped me now because I do have the game to attack, I do have the solid volleys, I do have the opportunities and the option if I have to. That's good that I did it when I was young. I took some chances.

Obviously maybe that cost me a lot of matches, but the reward was fantastic. But, yeah, it's been a long road. I had to work hard on my game. In the end, I think I've really come along in the last few years. I think the last two, three years I've been very much the same with maybe little adjustments and there.


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Awesome find. Great to hear from him. I would have to agree that the last 3 years have been pretty much the same, like he said.


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Its obvious Fed is a genius both in his strokes and in the way he analyzes tennis strategies, opponents and the best way to play. No wonder he doesn't need a coach!


Federer is more scary now. He does what is needed to win. How the hell can it happen that he beat "game" guys in straight sets, and his game supposedly isn't Federer-standards? I think it IS Federer-standards, because Fed-standards means not only great shots, but his greatness on how to adjust and win with the least possible effort. I mean if he needs to attack and do magic, I have no doubt he can, if its not remotely needed, he won't. Isn't that a scary thought??? That he seems to be in control, and the result seems already forgone, even when he was facing set points, etc?

As I said, maybe HE REALLY did have a deal with the Evil One :)
He always freaking wins no matter how he plays!!!! WTH is up with that :p