Read the kokk broke his knee cap on advertising board

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For Fed's sake I'm hoping Fed put that board there.
For Kokk's sake I'm hoping it wasn't the pasta ad.


This isnt the first time something dodgy happened at MC

I remember 2012 where the courts were bad and some of them had potholes in them and Benneteau ended up spraining his ankle really bad

For all the money there you'd think they could manage a few dirt courts


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Sascha was complaining about the advertising things yesterday. With guys hanging a few metres behind the baseline, they are much too close to them I think. One guy injured by them should be one too many.


Hall of Fame are reporting it .... I don't know if it's the reality but truly disgusting if that's happened .

The advertising board had no place being there that much in front

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More witnesses (gazillion-0) to the incident than Bouchard had (0)

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crazy, my friend and I were noticing just how little space behind the baseline there is - I think it may be less space behind than at my local club.


They had an argument once on court and Tsonga looked to be intimidated. Wawa accepts no BS.

I wonder what they were saying. I don't know French unfortunately but doesn't look like one was afraid of the other or anything along those lines. Seemed like they were just a little annoyed with each other. Umpire usually intervenes if situation starts to escalate but it looked like he didn't think it was serious enough maybe? Title of the video is prime example of click bait, lol. Nothing 'crazy' about it.


Anyone actually know if Kokkinakis actually broke his kneecap...or did he just sustain a minor injury and will be right in a couple of weeks? He played on after the incident.