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    I'm writing a fact based article on The Real History of Tennis Instruction that is published on in the MTM library. This article is to put in context the real facts of who taught what, when and where, and why the controversy of tennis instruction rages to this day. It shows what the Russians are teaching, deals with the famous small Spartak Tennis Academy with one indoor court that has produced more top twenty players than the entire USA during the same period, how the USTA Quickstart Manual 2009 manual demos how to start players the same way they were started in fifty years ago, the USPTA teaches open stance "load and explode" and the PTR teaches "The Standard Method" with its old turn sideways, take adjusting steps, and hit stepping into the ball (I'm a PTR Pro). It shows what Tilden was teaching in 1931, Tom Stow in 1948, Tennis Magazine touting this style in the early 1970s, Braden in various years, what Nick Bollettieri was teaching in his interviews and writings. Anyone is allowed to contribute anything as long as they can prove it. It also looks at the timeline of where the controversial Oscar Wegner fits in. If you have never seen someone who has read/watched 200 videos/books in thirty five years of studying tennis put a timeline together with an interesting perspective.

    The site is interactive and I will post anything I would like anyone to add anything from their favorite coach or just feel free to comment. If you want to dispute Oscar Wegner or any other coach, as long as you are respectful, please do so. The article will be revised in the time line if anyone puts in a quote they can source.

    FYI, I have been coaching tennis thirty years. Yesterday I took a 6 foot 2 129 pound 14 year old who has never had a tennis lesson; when I asked him to show me what his backhand looked like, he said he didn't have one and when I tossed it to that side he just jumped out of the way and flailed with his forehand at it. Taught him the handball drill and taught him exactly how the Russian teach beginners on the forehand side, taught a left handed forehand for a few minutes, and within ten minutes of his stepping onto the court, ON THE FIRST BALL I hit to him, we started a 64 ball rally that amazed the coach and clinic players on the next court. The kid walked away in one lesson with all six strokes at a fairly accomplished level. Brett Hobden was right in this case when he took Oscar Wegner's slogan and copyrighted Tennis in 1 hour. I am known as a coach who gets anyone to play tennis well.

    You can just read if you don't want to register and give feedback, but I would love to hear your feedback as I believe some very prominent names will comment on this article, including Bud Collins. It's in 3 parts due to length. The MTM library also contains the famous Russian Spartak article but I have pics of the Academy not in the article. I hope this puts the real history of tennis instruction in perspective and helps explain why USA tennis is in a state of flux. We missed the boat, I'm afraid. Technique is everything, as they say in Russia. Which technique is the real question?
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    What does that mean?

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