real or fake aero pro cortex??


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Someone is trying to sell some babolat racquets with a low price here in Argentina. All his frames are 41/4 (like the chinesse fakes). He send me a few pics...what do you say, real or fakes??



Well I have had an experience with these chinese fakes. I have one. Bought it from dhgate . c o m The difference between the real APDC and the chinese fake is that the chinese one is unbalanced and the paint cracks so easily. But it kinda plays like the APDC. Hope that helps!:D


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Very interesting...
I did not know that they were that stupid enough to use a black grip instead of a white grip...
Really, who are they trying to fool.

Double Fault

There's something written in chinese in the label. That alone is a waving red flag.

Mine came with a white grip.



I took lots of pictures of one from China. The main difference was the color of the grommets, the grip color, the non-flared tie-off holes, chinese on the hologram sticker and there was no hologram sticker on the handle under the cushion grip. Other then that, it looked VERY similar to another Aero Pro Drive and the price was like $20. I didn't hit with it but from what I hear, they tend to crack faster from abuse and stringing. But then again, $20....that's cheaper then any Wally World racquet.


It depends on how good the fakes are.

One example I have heard about is a fake Pure Control, which weighed in at about 9.0oz. Now that cannot play much like the real Pure Control at nearly 12.0oz.