Reason for Nadal to participate in Thailand open

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    Mar 25, 2009
    according to the ATP rankings rules:
    In 2009, any player who finished in the 2008 year-end Top 30 will be required to compete in four Grand Slam tournaments and eight ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments. In addition, the Best 4 ATP World Tour 500 and Best 2 other events (ATP World Tour 250 and Challengers) will be counted towards a player's ranking.

    this is the new ranking system BEST 18 not all tournaments will count.

    e.g if a player played 6 ATP tour 500 and no ATP 250 he will gain 0 out of 500 in the ATP 250 and will take best 4 ATP 500.

    so Nadal is playing Thailand hoping to make good results and also to make goog results in Queen's cup so to exclude Doha(45 pts) from his ranking.

    in my opinion i would prefer Nadal to play Stuttgart 250 and Hamburg 500 after Wimbledon, both on clay so he will have a great chance to win them.

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