Received Wrong Racquet and TWE Refuse to Return!!

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I just had one of the most frustrating and frankly infuriating experiences purchasing from TWE. I have been a happy customer of both TW and TWE for years and never had any issues before. But on order #2011916 I ordered 2 Standard Yonex Vcore 98 to the U.S. intended to be matched and use for competition, but instead received two different models of racquets!! One of them is correct and the other one is the extended length Vocre 98 Plus model which has completely different swingweight and balance. Not only that, on a brand new racquet that I ordered unstrung, it came in strung already with other customer's strings.

I have been on email exchanged with TWE rep Emma for 2 weeks almost and she refuses to do anything to correct this mistake. TWE email rep has been trying to deny the mistake while I have clear photographic proof of the 2 racquet being completely different models and I only received 1 correct racquet out of the 2 I ordered.

The return policy on TWE clearly states, "For International shipping the costs for exchanges or refunds where Tennis Warehouse Europe is not at fault are paid by the customer. " But my case, TWE is clearly at fault and should process returns for free and immediately send over the correct racquet I ordered. I was offered a mere 25€ gift card by the TWE Email Rep. If return is unrealistic. Please at least offer gift card that covers the full retail price of the racquet that I DIDN'T receive correctly, which is 136,05 € on your site currently. And I will have to even paid shipping myself to order this additional frame. This is least I expect when you guys are clearly at fault. I won't take anything less.


My email is if anyone from TWE is willing to reach out. I haven't gotten a email back from TWE customer service for 5 days already.


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If you have your email order confirmation which confirms what you ordered before shipment, I would share that with TW U.S. along with pictures of the incorrect racquet you received. That would be the best next step if TWE is not being responsive enough.

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Hi @thebigz -

So sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your purchase, and that it wasn't resolved properly from the start. I have spoken with our customer service team, and they have informed me that they are sending you a return label so that you can send back the racquet free of charge and have also issued you a full refund for the racquet. Sorry again for the confusion and inconvenience. As always we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. For any further concerns, please contact our EU customer service at: or in the US at:

Best Regards,

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ok here we go @TWEStaff

Located in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

I received the wrong order.

I asked customer service what I should do.

They said to send the items back (without clarifying how).

I decide to use the automated return shipping label generation system and instead of getting a DHL label (this whole automated thing is actually powered by DHL) I get an ELTA label (ELTA is the greek postal service).

I write back asking for a DHL label since DHL has a local office and offer pickup service, instead of an ELTA label (they don't offer pickup service, have to wait in long lines, have to actually leave work to get there and pay for parking). In addition to this, I ask if i am still eligible to return items from a previous order of mine and I also ask when I am going to get the correct items I have paid for.

They send me an ELTA label and tell me that although this is an ELTA label, DHL is going to actually ship it from Athens. Now I KNOW DHL regional office is not going to accept a package with an ELTA label. No answers to any of my questions.

Why does it have to be so hard and time consuming?


You are really picky. You were offered a refund and possibility to return racquet for free. Now your problem is you don't get whatever courier/postal service you want.

You are an extremely difficult customer. You are one of those people who expect everyone to wipe their butt.

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@Christoforos Giatzakis,

Sorry for not responding here sooner; yesterday was a bank holiday in Germany. I have been informed that our customer service team has since been in contact with you and have arranged for a new shipment and return label for you to use. Sorry again for the problem with your order and any inconvenience it has caused.


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