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Discussion in 'Stringing Techniques / Stringing Machines' started by kpxbounce, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. kpxbounce

    kpxbounce New User

    Sep 1, 2008
    hey, well i think it's come to the point where im getting tired of dropping of racquets to get them strung and especially at like $15 per job, i think i should probably invest in a stringer. i've watched hours of youtube videos, so i think i can handle it, except the knots.

    but i guess i need a stringing machine.

    can anyone recommend a really cheap, but good string machine. (this college student is poor). and where i can pick one up.

  2. lawlitssoo1n

    lawlitssoo1n Professional

    Jul 8, 2008
    just get something like an eagnas 910 i think imma get dat, 400 range, i'd rather pay dat much, cuz i know im going to string other people rackets and cranks save time!
    ur a college student, so time is money
  3. zidane339

    zidane339 Hall of Fame

    Feb 16, 2008
    Gamma X-2 or a Klippermate is about as cheap as you get, and great if you just string for yourself.

    Most tennis retailers sell x-2, and klipper sells on their website.
  4. Pathman

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    Jun 11, 2006
    North Carolina
    haha - that's adorable... i even laughed out loud on that one.
    not making fun of you - i thought the same thing when i was in college... i wish i could go back in time and slap myself.

    i'm a couple years out of college\grad school now and let me tell you - things have changed. job, cars, house, family, infant.

    it is 5 am here now and i have been up w\ him b\c he is sick and won't sleep... i have a ton of work i'm trying to get done while he does sleep and instead i am messing about on these forums. my company relocated and i decided not to go so now i am looking for a job and worried about finding one in time to pay mortgage, bills, daycare etc and on top of it I have to find time to take my kid to the doctor sometime tomorrow b\c now my wife is sick too.

    so believe me, time !=money in college!. ESPECIALLY if your parents are paying ;p I never had as much free time as i did in was the biggest adjustment from highschool...and then subsequently the biggest adjustment back to being busy all day\night in gradschool... and then, needless to say, fatherhood!

    enjoy your freetime while you can- smell the roses - buy a drop-weight!
    i just bought a klippermate - so there's my plug

    ultimately it's up to you - but for home-use and 1-2 racquets a month or less like me, i see absolutely no need to spend more money on the more expensive models...especially the first time out of the gate. i paid about $280 for the Kmate, stand and shipping and i regularly see them on local and national auction sites used for about 150-200. so if and when i do decide to upgrade, i wont have lost much on my entry machine. although to be honest--i would bet if you check back w\ me 15 years from now i'll probably still have the same machine!

    good luck - and remember to enjoy your youth!:twisted:
  5. red_racquet

    red_racquet New User

    Sep 2, 2008
    klippermate is $135 on ****. Im with you, sick of paying other people $20 to string my racquets. I will buy the klipper on the 28th of october. Its funny Ive watched hours of stringing on youtube & im still a bit confused about the knot part. Well get it eventually.
  6. aussie

    aussie Professional

    May 20, 2006
    Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia
    don't get spooked by knot tying. Just tie off with double half hitches (very, very easy) and start the crosses in a 2 piece with a bulky (almost as easy). Once you do a couple, you will wonder what you were concerned about.
  7. game set match 46 TIMES!!

    game set match 46 TIMES!! Hall of Fame

    Sep 18, 2008
    Reporting the score as two bagels!!
    i agree and sometimes i wanna try some cheap strings to test em but i may even get non poly strings now im proble geting this stringer for xmas

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