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  1. Techniques

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    Feb 25, 2006
    I have $1000 AUS dollars ($784 US) to spend on a stringing machine. I've never owned a stringing machine.. I usually just give it to the shop or my coach to string. Basically I hit with a lot of top spin and I've been breaking Tonnes of strings. It's much cheaper to string it myself than to keep taking it to my coach or the shop. Can you guys please recommend me a good stringing machine that will last for quite a while.. because I don't want to buy a machine with tonnes of problems and a machien that I will need to replace after a year. So a reliability is a big issue. Of Course the best quality machine would be nice. What are the real needs of a machine and with $1000 AUS what can I get? Also... I might be getting a new Prince O3 White so will I need special equipment to stirng it because I've heard you string it differently? What other equipment do you need?
  2. dancraig

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    May 24, 2005
    To string the O3s, you need a machine with a turntable brake. You can use a Prince "boomerang" tool if you don't have a brake. With the amount of money that you are talking about, I don't think having a brake will be a problem.

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