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Familiar story I’m sure. 35 year old trying to play again more regularly. Coached and played tournaments as a junior so decent foundations but then stopped at 16. Picked up tennis again playing club tennis off and on through mid-20s, but not played much past 4 years.
New found lockdown motivation means I’m out on court again using my trusty iPrestige MP. Like the solid feel of these rackets, which I’ve come back to over and over but looking for something a bit lighter, perhaps larger head size so after recommendations of what to try.

Have previously tried Yonex Dr (yellow one) a couple of years back, which was quite nice for ground stokes but couldn’t make it work for my serve - not sure but had a theory that I hit serve higher up on the strings than ground stokes and that didn’t feel good with the the Yonex.
On playing style I guess I like to hit quite big on forehand side from baseline and look to come in to finish points quite quickly, can hit with decent spin and power on my forehand but looking for something that will help me out a bit more now both on that side but also on backhand which is definitely weaker side.
Open to recommendations- many thanks!
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Check out the Babolat Pure Strike, Wilson Blade, and Head Speed MP/Pro. If you want something a bit different, check out a Wilson Clash.

Shoot for specs like 300-310g unstrung, mid 60s flex, 98-100 head size, and there are a lot of good options out there.