Recommend the best gear to me (Budget is no issue)


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I play tennis on the weekend but I'm thinking to try Pickleball for a few weeks, I've been reading and watching a lot of reviews to equip myself with some of the best pickleball paddles, do you guys have any recommendations? Also, recommend me some pickleball courts in Washington?
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Well I’m glad budget is no issue, because it’s said that money can’t buy dignity. But you can start by paying reparations to the tennis community and fixing all the destroyed courts across our once great nation.

Then with that unlimited budget, build your own courts.

Lastly invest that unlimited budget into some sort of sound deadening materials so no one ever again has to hear the scourge that is the pickleball thud.


I was all geared up to watch the spectacle of TT members listing 12 packs, and Lobsters, and Pro stocks, etc. Not much has been going on. The chance to wax poetic (not myself)... And then...

There is a pickleball section at bottom of main page. :sick: