Recommendations for narrow heel + medium/wide toe box?


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Can anyone recommend the best recent, available shoes you've tried for relatively narrow heels but a medium/wide toe box (width wise)? I find many shoes are unstable in the heel area and my feet tend to move around at the back. However, if I go down size(s), the toe box becomes far too tight.

Other characteristics are important too of course, but I'm looking to start narrowing down potential shoes from there.


I've been playing with the Adidas Sole Court Boost for this very reason. They are as breathable as a plastic bag and heavy AF, but wide(ish) in the forefoot and toe box while not being huge in the heel.

They'd be better if you could properly lock lace them (runners loop), but I still prefer them to competing shoes from New Balance and KSwiss. I'm on my 6th pair, but very open to trying something lighter and more breathable.


I'm super heel fit sensitive and have a slightly "skinny" foot (think, Coke bottle shaped instep) but wide duck feet in the front.

The Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 is my current best shoe in the quiver and among the best shoe I've ever owned.

I haven't played the new 2021 update (awaiting delivery to TW) but it has no major changes¹ and I would say take a look at them if you can.


¹—the one knock from the prior edition, forefoot breathing, has been addressed in the update. As stated I've yet to wear the update so I can't verify the improvement.