recommended knot for thin slippery string


I have strung ~100 racquets or so now for myself and my friends. I have been using the Parnell knot exclusively. On two separate occasions stringing Head Velocity 17 the knot has not held. I feel confident I am tieing the knot correctly. So, is there a preferred knot for thin slippery knot...Velocity almost feels oily when its new. Thanks.


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Assuming you are tying the knot correctly, recommend you ensure you are cinching the knot down securily, especially the first half hitch. As extra precaution you might want to trim your tag end a little longer too, perhaps closer to 1/4-inch. As a visual test, you should not see any open space through the knot. I string regularly with Velocity 16 & 17 and have had no issues using Parnell knot.

jim e

I have used that string and never had issue with Parnell Knot. I typically only hand cinch up the knot as well. With that second loop I make sure first loop is snugged up good, then pull tail.


Another vote for the Parnell knot. It cinches everything up really well and leaves no space between the loops (if done properly).


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R Parnell has a video about a Parnell Loop. If you can get the string you’re tying off behind the anchor string it hold some of the pressure and takes pressure off the knot so there’s less chance of slipping. Also you can apply more tension on the string between the clamp and the knot and the loop will hold that tension while you are tying the knot which means you have less drawback.

EDIT: here is a link to Parnell’s video. I use this a lot on both knot of most of my ATW patterns now and it works great. This method doesn’t necessarily have to be used with 4 knots.