recommended tension for duralast on APD

Discussion in 'Strings' started by th_44_kh, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. th_44_kh

    th_44_kh Guest

    what's the max tension i can put to the babolat tour duralast whiles is on APD????
    APD recommended tension is of 55-62(on the racquet......55-65 on TW)
    i've strung mine with 55......but it lost tension too i was wondering about puting a higher tension.....what tension can i use without damaging the racquet??i'm asking this because i think that stringing 65lbswith poly is not the same as 65lbs with synthetic gut,natural gut or i'm afraid that i can damage the racquet if i strung it with 62lbs tour durlast.......
    please help....thanks :D
  2. Safina

    Safina Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004
    i'd stick with 55lbs... or maybe go up to 57... but that is about it.

    Duralast is a cheap poly and does not hold tension very long.
    If you string it up higher, you will risk arm injury. It is better to just restring more often, or use a string that holds tension better
    like Lux or SP.
  3. th_44_kh

    th_44_kh Guest


    well....thank you very much.....but you didn't answer my question.
    see.....i don't really care much about my's strong enought..... but i couldn't say the same abot my racquet.... i've never strung higher than that not because im afraid of some arm injury, it's because i'm afraid about cracking my racquet or something worst......oi've heard that the printed "recommended tension" is just a standard of the racquet companies....but i don't know if the APD recommended tension is a case of that...... i would love to have my racquet strung up to 62lbs with babolat duralast.......this racquet have been strung two times....first with a babolat duralast at 55lbs and then,babolat pro hurricane at 55lbs......well.....i have use this strings not because im out of money :mrgreen: .....i know this strings are pretty cheap in USA,but in chile....the babolat duralast cost like 12 bucks and the babolat pro hurricane cost about 18 bucks....... :(
  4. jack mckinney

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    Feb 20, 2004
    you can string at 62 with no damage to the racquet. but beware that it is going to play very stiff. i string poly at higher tensions for a friend of mine and never had any racquet problems doing it.
  5. th_44_kh

    th_44_kh Guest


    well......answer me something.....when a racquet says "recommended tension=50-60lbs"......that means that i can strung it up to 60 lbs with any type of string without problem??......another thing.....what's the maximun tension that can be applied to APD,AT+(aerotour+) and to M-Fil 200 without damaging them??......the recomended tension says (at TW)

    is that the maximun tension you can apply without damaging the racquet??
    :confused: :confused:
  6. Safina

    Safina Semi-Pro

    Aug 13, 2004

    if you want to keep playing tennis, you better change your attitude! you must be young, because this is the attitude of somebody that has not yet experienced any kind of injury. one small injury that prevents you from playing the sport you love for even a week and you will VERY quickly start to "care about your arm". It is not a matter of how strong you are.... repetitive stress injuries can happen to anybody.
    Go ahead. String that Duralast at 65lbs... I am sure you are much fitter than Nadal who strings at 55lbs.:rolleyes:
  7. MLoutch

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    Jul 12, 2005
    the recommended tension is what the folks at Babolat, Head or Wilson...etc feel provides the best all around preformance. the APD woofer system works best based on the numbers they provide (again their advice) in truth you could string a frame like the APD in the 70's - now the string life and your arm (on off center hits) would not last very long and it would play like a board but maybe you want that. remember pros back in the 60's, 70's and 80's strung wood frames in the high 60's all the way to 80+.

    if you worry the frame will break if you string at 62 or 65 lbs don't - I string my PDrives (both the orig and newer Roddick)at 68 to 72 lbs depending on weather and surface - never had a problem.
  8. th_44_kh

    th_44_kh Guest


    LOL :D

    no....i'm not that fit......but maybe nadal strung his racquet at 55lbs because he hits with a lot oh spin......i hit flat,but i play pretty well with 55lbs.....the only problem is that the duralast loose tension too fast.... what would you recommend then??
    yeah....i'm young(15)....but i've played roller skating hockey and i've practise motocross too.......i've fell from mi motorcycle,my arm has been seen on serious trouble.....but nothing has happened to it....anyway,i think you're right....what can i do to hold tension for more time??.......i think that if i strung it with 62lbs, i would play with that tension for about i week (maybe less) because the string will loose tension maybe i wouldn't hurt my this okay??

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